Blue Shield Consulting is a leading consulting and advisory services company specializing in law enforcement agency assessments, staffing studies, change management, shared services & consolidation scenario programs, strategic and master planning to deliver lasting impact. Choose the Firm with a proven track record of successful results.


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Blue Shield Consulting has a well-developed leadership team of former law enforcement executives, security professionals, legal and financial professionals who are committed to delivering the results sought by our clients. Our team has cumulatively gained more than 100 years of diversified experience in law enforcement and municipal government operations, fiscal and strategic planning, technology and human capital resource management.


Our consulting and advisory services are proven to deliver sustainable results. Blue Shield Consulting is confident that the Firm will be able to effectively research, develop and implement solutions that are the right fit for community and agency.

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Blue Shield Consulting is a leading New Jersey based Municipal Government Consulting & Advisory Services Company that specializes in law enforcement agency assessments, change management, shared services programs, strategic planning and staffing studies to deliver sustainable results.


Blue Shield Consulting delivers smart and impactful solutions to improve economic, operational & human-development capital to optimize performance scenarios.

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