Blue Shield Consulting is a leading New Jersey based consulting and advisory services company that specializes in advising law enforcement agencies in personnel & organizational change management, consolidation and reorganization scenerios, strategic planning, operational assessments, staffing analysis and studies.

What We Do

The Firm delivers smart, economical and sustainable solutions to improving fiscal, operational & human-development capital for government agecies to optimize performance scenarios. Consultancy and advisory services include:


  • Law enforcement agency assessments

  • Organizational staffing analysis and studies

  • Shared services scenario planning & consolidation studies

  • Management and organizational efficiency analysis

  • Change management and organizational redesign

  • Emergency communication & E 911 assessments

  • Litigation & expert witness support and advisory services

  • Collective bargaining advisory services

  • Executive law enforcement leadership development and succession planning


Shared Vision

Blue Shield Consulting understands the unique challenges facing municipal leaders in delivering public services. We share our clients' desires to bring meaningful change to public safety services and functions to realize a cost-efficient, effective and a citizen centric organization that meets the needs of it’s community and elected leaders


Creating a Road Map

We’re in this together:  We work to fully understand our individual client’s needs and purpose with a focus on practical and timely results. We align our direction with the objectives and priorities of our clients to make the best recommendations toward execution that help ensure successful transformation and implementation


  • Taking a Comprehensive Approach:  We use the right mix of organizational assessment methodologies and customize the activities to meet the client’s needs 

  • Strategy: The Firm has extensive experience with developing, executing and benchmarking law enforcement organizational change initiatives designed to;

    • Reduce operational costs without compromise to safety or security

    • Enhance personnel performance, development and management practices

    • Sourcing strategic partnerships to drive service delivery outcomes

    • Building appropriate staffing models and enhance investment optimization by providing clients with trusted advice to promote progress


Transformational Change

Our team questions the status quo. There are always opportunities to make things better – we owe it to our client to deliver the right results and a road map for appropriate changes that bring practical solutions to common challenges in operating a municipal government agencies such as a law enforcement department


Leadership Development to Deliver and Sustain Change

Blue Shield Consulting improves the clients organizational dynamics in their knowledge of human resources management, information technology, financial forecasting and relevant operational skills necessary to reorganize and deploy resources in a more sustainable manner. For example,  we help the law enforcement executive with better understanding the “bigger picture” to achieve key performance objectives in managing a modern police agency.


Our Core Values & Beliefs

Blue Shield Consulting has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering quality, honest, and reliable consulting and advisory service performance.  We are fully commited to ensuring the highest standards of ethics, integrity & trust in all of our work. We emphasize collaboration and teamwork as hallmarks that help drive open and honest discussion with our clients in order achieve excellent results.