McGreevy Letter to Wharton & Mine Hill

In 2002, Governor James McGreevy sent a congratulatory letter to the mayors of Mine Hill & Wharton

The Honorable William Chegwidden Mayor of Wharton Borough 10 Robert Street Wharton, New Jersey 070885-1997 The Honorable Richard E Leary Mayor of Mine Hill Township 10 Baker Street Mine Hill, New Jersey 07033-3084

Dear Mayors Chegwidden and Leary:

It has recently come to my attention that through your leadership the governing bodies of Wharton and Mine Hill have been engaged in a creative process of cooperation regarding police services in your respective municipalities. I am told that, as a result of your vision and energy, the Wharton Police Department is prepared to provide law enforcement policing services to neighboring Mine Hill. The creative and dynamic agreement between the towns will provide better, more efficient and highly professional police protection at a significantly lower cost to the taxpayer of the communities.

As Governor, I am faced with a historic deficit on our state's budget. The reality we face, as New Jersey leaders, is to find creative ways with which to provide our constituents with the best possible services at the lowest feasible cost. That is the goal I have established for all of New Jersey's citizens. I congratulate and applaud you for your courageous effort to accomplish the same goals for your towns.

Your efforts, utilizing the Interlocal Services Act, will serve as a future polestar for hundreds of other municipalities around our state.

Please accept my congratulations on your creative and thoughtful desire to better serve the citizens of our communities.


James E McGreevy

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